Thursday, 27 September 2007

MORE Thursday NEWS: Valverde cleared to ride in World Championships

Valverde will join the Spanish team for this weekend's World Championship Road Race...

News from AFP:

STUTTGART, Germany (AFP) — Spaniard Alejandro Valverde was cleared to compete in the world road cycling championships by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Wednesday, the chief of world cycling Pat McQuaid said.

The International Cycling Union (UCI) had attempted to ban Valverde, a two-time silver medallist in the elite men's race, from the worlds based on their belief that he was implicated in the 'Operation Puerto' doping affair.

The Spanish cycling federation (RFEC) stood by the Spanish ace, who made a last gasp appeal to CAS in a bid to compete in Sunday's road race, the blue riband event of the championships.

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Thursday NEWS review: Fahey, Pound and... Alinghi?

The Race is on...

Another article regarding John Fahey's candidature against Jean-François Lamour for the seat of President of WADA, from Swimweek.


In what this week became a two-horse race for the drug Tsar's chair, the favourite to take over from the Canadian remains his deputy, WADA vice-president Jean-Francois Lamour, the former French sports minister.

But there is a struggle ahead: in the boxing kangaroo corner is John Fahey, former New South Wales Premier and Australian finance minister who is currently working as a senior adviser to JP Morgan, the investment bank.


Dick Pound makes 'another bold statement' as lame-duck President of WADA...

As told by the Australian site

Countries will be thrown out of Olympics says WADA boss


WORLD sport's most powerful anti-drugs campaigner Dick Pound has warned countries and sports which do not comply with the anti-doping code could be banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This article continues with a mention about John Fahey, as well(!)...

As told by Yahoo News...

Dick Pound teed off over golf's doping ban


MONTREAL (AFP) - World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) chief Dick Pound praised golf for aiming to rid the sport of doping, but balked Thursday at the World Golf Foundation's use of its own performance-enhancing substances list.

"Two or three months ago, the PGA was denying that there was ever a problem in golf," Pound said in a conference call. So, "there is quite a lot of progress that's been made."

Whatever Floats your Boat!

GASP!!! Alinghi crewmate positive for 'cannabis'... says the Gazzetta dello Sport, as reported by AFP


"...even if the substance would not have improved his performance."

(Doesn't that depend on what he was 'performing' at the time?)

A Special Welcome to ... Dick Pound...

Hey Dick! Head of WADA, did you know that you've spawned more than one website (satiric) in your honour? ;-)

A Must-See here at ''... which boasts:

"If you're not
with Dick, you're against Dick!"
(Scroll down for a list of Dick Pound 'witticisms')

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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Weds: From BICYCLING Magazine....

Here's another hot-off the Web article, from Bicycling magazine, called Lessons from the Landis Verdict:

"We need a new way forward. WADA was a good first step when it was created, but the flaws are apparent now – it’s a system that can’t catch all the cheaters, can’t conclusively prove that those it’s caught are in fact cheating, and is increasingly seen as adversarial to athletes. Athletes, on the other hand, are adeptly learning how to twist their rights into a martyr’s platform, an ever-shifting landscape of excuses and reasons why they’re persecuted and why it’s never their fault." (read more)

The point taken is: reform WADA, tighter, stronger, more objectively.

More to come another day...

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On WADA in Madrid...

Here's a link to another Blogspot'er, Cycling Fans Anonymous... and a funny excerpt, his (I'm being sexist-ly presumptuous) take on WADA going to Madrid:

"It is also quite hilarious that WADA's next big conference on anti-doping will be held in Madrid, of all places. Wonder what genius picked that location. Madrid, the home to Fuentes, Saiz, Bruyneel, and lots of unclaimed blood-bags, gets to host the anti-dopers. Sort of like having an anti-communist meeting in Cuba, or a Red Sox pep rally in the Yankees' stadium. But with Dick Pound in charge, what else would you expect? Somehow all these conferences and summits and task-forces never seem to change anything anyway, so who cares. Maybe they should get creative and invite Fuentes to give their keynote speech. He might actually be able to teach them something they don't already know."

Chapeau! To CyFANanon ;-)

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Day TWO at WADAwatch

Am creating the links we'll need, and getting GoogleBOTS to fill my inbox(es) with yet more information regarding WADA, its Revision Convention 2007 (Madrid: olé!!!) and more...

Thanks for your support, and I hope that, with my perseverance and hard work, the world will soon have a better means of judging the efforts of WADA to control its Vassals, its Fiefdom, and perhaps even win a case or two, based on
solid evidence

As for some blatant self-promotion, this Blog is a spin-off from
crystelZENmud, and I provide you with some links to past writings, below.


Floyd Landis Decision posts @ crystelZENmud:

WADA DECISION: the Landis case
WADA LOSER: the Presumption

@ crystelZENmud:

Part I : A Questionaire for WADA Signatories PART II: WADA gonna do about Madrid in November? PART III: WADA questionnaire – analytical wrap-up...

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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Welcome to WADAwatch

Hello my friends, hello all...

There comes, in any organization's life, the day when the world decides to examine a bit more closely its trappings, and organizational ethics, the transparency on which that Organization is destined to build its reputation.

This new blog, WADAwatch, will focus on the:
World Anti-doping Agency (WADA)

or, in French:
l'Agence mondiale anti-dopage (AMA)

As information comes available, from their website:

Or from news sources around the globe.

This brand new blog:

...will strive to present to you, as often as possible, the news and information for those who are interested in the mission of WADA, to increase their public presence or knowledge.

This blog is another ZENmud production, and the division of ZENmud into two blogs allows the original ZENfocus to come back to a world that can talk about and react to current addressable issues, with, as always, the sustainable future in mind.

From now on, will focus on politics and world resource issues, macroeconomically speaking.

And, WADAwatch now exists!

And it strives to focus, like a laser beam, on the world of Sports, and the anti-doping components that are currently absorbing the recent decision in the Floyd Landis - Tour de France case.

Remember, WADA does a major session in Madrid, this November.

Starting tomorrow, WADAwatch will create the links you need to survive in a world of sports, in which present-day Athletes are not assured of objectivity, throughout the controlling entities that make up the world of Anti-doping control.

Watch WADA...


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