Monday, 15 March 2010

Gripper goes South, Rossi crosses the Alps

News from the Union Cycliste Internationale acquiring a new head of the Anti-Doping Service has surfaced, with the announced appointment of Francesca Rossi, of Italy, to replace Anne Gripper.

Ms Gripper, who joined the UCI in October 2006 with the title of Manager of the UCI Anti-Doping Service, returns to Australia for personal reasons, having overseen the various high- and low-points that rocked the cycling world since her appointment. WADAwatch honours her work efforts. A two-week old article with her comes to you, also from Cyclingnews.

Read more about Ms Francesca Rossi at an interesting interview provided by Cyclingnews. Her background with the IAAF is highlighted, and it is very pertinent to note that the IAAF holds the UCI's anti-doping efforts in high regard.

Ms Rossi served on the WADA 'laboratory committee', according to the article; its true title is the Laboratory Expert Group. WADAwatch hopes that Ms Rossi, as she gets up to speed, can help boost the organization's capabilities and competences for the standardization and advancement of laboratory practice, and precision.

Another short update from the snowy, sunny heights of Colorado. Enjoying this final week of winter,


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