Tuesday, 11 December 2007

WADA meets BALCO on Wednesday...

From writer Philip Hersh, an article discussing the meeting tomorrow, Wednesday 12 December, between former BALCO owner Victor Conte and outgoing (as in 'buh-bye') WADA president Dick Pound:

Drugs in elite sport 'rampant'

If BALCO founder Victor Conte means what he says, the International Olympic Committee is wise to wait for the other shoe to drop rather than risk putting a foot in its mouth with a hasty decision to redistribute the five 2000 Olympic medals forfeited by former U.S. track and field star Marion Jones for use of banned drugs.

Conte is quoted as saying:

"Other athletes are in line to receive Olympic medals or medal upgrades [.....] Several of Jones' competitors may have also used performance-enhancing drugs, and it's important that what I have to share be considered before the IOC awards any medal upgrades."

WADAwatch is hoping that the IOC, faced with the immense task of now developing fair rules about medal-revocation in light of the Marion Jones scandal, is able to accomplish this major and overdue task in a calm and illustrative manner.

Ww has often contemplated, in light of the discussions that invariably trail after the Jones case saw her with her being stripped of the five Olympic medals from the games in Sydney, how the case regarding Greek athlete Katerina Thanou would evolve.

Based on her 2004 Olympic suspension (false information re: whereabouts and missing tests), the world may well wonder if she was 'doped' already, in 2000, or whether she was CLEAN, and resorted to doping after Jones had vanquished her own dreams?

IF Thanou can convincingly argue that she never doped until beaten in Sydney, she should be granted the Gold Medal from the Sydney 100meter race.

This may cause a 'moral dilemma' for the IOC, but it would, if true, be legally and ethically justifiable.

So we continue, to

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