Friday, 14 December 2007

WADA meeting with Victor Conte

From the website, comes the article of the week:

Victor Conte meets with WADA's Dick Pound

"I did provide specific information regarding how athletes involved in doping around the world are so easily able to circumvent the anti-doping procedures in place."


As someone who was able to evade their system for so long, it was easy for me to point out the many loopholes that exist and recommend specific steps to improve the overall effectiveness of their program.”

And an interesting Poundian remark followed:

"We will try to build up a relationship where he will have confidence in me using the information he has in the right way. We will try to get a better handle on what he knows directly, and what he knows as having been part of an overall operation."

There is ample evidence already in the world's eye, which suggests that the Conte's or the BALCO's of the world have the upper hand, regarding the eternal struggle between the science of doping, and the science of ANTI-doping.

It will be interesting to monitor, during the winter months to come, how Dick Pound will pass this assignment to his successor John Fahey, and to the WADA Committee on Laboratory Standardization.

Until such time as WADA can convince Laboratory Directors, from all the continents, to align their material assets and scientific methodology to the highest standards possible, it is the fear at WADAwatch that confession, more than testing, confirmation and arbitration, that will propel WADA forward on its quest to eliminate (to the greatest extent possible) doping from human sports achievement.

News FLASH: Geneva, Switzerland, announced its candidature for the 2018 Winter Olympics, today

Watch WADA!

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