Thursday, 24 January 2008

WADA do about SLOPPY CODEwork?

"It's a CODE in the nose kind of day..."

WADAwatch already expressed its personal gratitude to the Secretariat of the Agence Française de Lutte contre le Dopage (AFLD), for their having signalled WADAwatch that the short, six-page French decision
against Floyd Landis is now online.
(Décision n° 2007-52 du 29 novembre 2007 )

Contrasting this French Decision with that of the Majority's Decision (some 84 pages) and Attorney Christopher Campbell's Dissent
(some 23 pages) adjudicated by the AAA last September, which together totalled some 107 pages...

(time to 'mull this over' provided here)

... WADAwatch harkens the reader back to more innocent days, when we learned of Little Red Riding Hood, who found porridge, beds and more 'too big', or 'too small' and then, lastly, always finding that which was 'just right': is the Landis case similar?

... was the USADA Majority 'too much'?
... was the French AFLD Decision 'too small'?

... was only Attorney Campbell 'JUST RIGHT'? (or 'just' AND 'right'?)

The French decision against Landis, has allowed even more cognitive response to the dilemma under which WADA works.

WADAwatch may be publishing ANOTHER cutting-edge post tomorrow... yet it behooves ZENmud productions to remember we live in a world of much free content of little worth, and little content really, truly, of compensable value (hint, wink, nudge).

If and when published, and "IF" correct in this developing theory, that post on WADAwatch could shake WADA somewhat.

At WADAwatch, we are looking forward to the seminar in four weeks, in Lausanne, with the Honourable John Fahey, president of WADA since the New Year.

... "Mr Fahey, could we talk?"

The opinions expressed by WADAwatch are strictly formed with the purpose of inciting WADA to adhere to its Fundamental Rationale, achieve its goals and fulfil the aspirations of its Signatories, in achieving the highest possible level of objective, neutral science in sport-doping control.

Watching WADA,

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