Wednesday, 13 February 2008

WADA weekend in Paris... Calendar UPDATES

A reminder to all WADAwatch readers, that WADA will be conducting a meeting later this month, with its family of accredited laboratory directors, in Paris. The link to the Calendar item regarding this meeting is rather non-specific. WADAwatch notes that an agenda, or the actual location in Paris (at the AFLD département des analyses, perhaps?) is unmentioned for public edification.

The meeting is announced for the Friday and Saturday, while on the Monday following, there will also be a meeting of the WADA Laboratories Committee. That is only a week from tomorrow; two weeks from yesterday, is the long-anticipated WADA Media Symposium in Lausanne.

If any constructive work comes out of the Lab Director's meeting, and that is addressed in the Monday Committee session, WADAwatch would hope to have this information made available for the Wednesday Symposium, and we will pass that to you, valuable readers, as soon thereafter as is possible.

Bon weekend, chers récherchers d'AMA!
(Have a nice weekend, dear scientists of WADA!)

One hopes that, in the course of two long days, the Lab Directors may be informed as to the legality of secondary prosecutions, and to endorse the drafting of new language that would aid the English version of the CODE and IST to define 'Testing' or 'Doping Control' as per CODE Article 15.4...

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