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WADAwatch Press Award for February

It's not easy typing green... (apologies to Kermit the Frogstar)

Last month was the initial occasion to bestow the WADAwatch award, the...

(aka "Unimpressed by the Press")

This nearly prestigious honour was awarded for the first time, to the working journalist whose words did the most to obfuscate any decent sport-loving reader's search for the truth.

That inaugural winner was a journalist, James Christie, who (we hope) is still writing for the Globe and Mail of Canada, who overworked his article on Dick Pound, who has greater ambitions than talents for taking on the Presidency of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Now, for the Month of February, comes an equally slipped-up diatribe in favour of Greg Lemond, a former three-time victor of the Tour de France, in the Eighties (and 1990); he has no problem insinuating that he was the very last of the clean champions (choke! gasp!), whose career only ended because of 'all the dopers' whose performances took his breath away...


For February's winner, Anne Killion, the columnist at the Mercury News newspaper site, who wrote the article:

WADAwatch begs the reader's indulgence, if they are not familiar with the Floyd Landis testosterone case that arose in the Tour de France 2006. Ms Killion's gems include the following:

  • "... he had been the victim of a blackmail attempt by Landis' lawyer, Will Geoghegan."

NB: Simple fact–checking reveals the truth behind this egregious error, comprehensible to even bloggers and other fans of cycling: Geoghegan was Landis' Business Manager, and a long–time friend, whose idiocies, while unpardonable, are not the fruit of his big LA sport lawyers. (WADAwatch admits having no idea how to pronounce that name: 'jeff-again'?)

Steeeee-rike ONE!

  • "... The incident revealed to the world the unethical underbelly of the sport and the sad tactics some will use against the truth."

NB: The reader cannot discern which 'incident' opened the “unethical underbelly” that makes author Killion salivate: is she discussing the Landis hearing itself? Or would she be directly referring to the Geoghegan/Lemond phone-call? Some astute readers tend to think that the USADA case against Landis, which was described approximately by lawyer Richard Young as being 'about hard science', showed how far it was from that by reliance on virtual hearsay testimony from former racer Lemond.

How could she impute this peripheral incident, as a comment denigrating an entire sport?

Steeeee-rike TWO!!

  • "... LeMond has testified that Armstrong threatened him and tried to destroy his livelihood, through his powerful influence within the cycling world."

NB: If the reader is tempted to believe that Lemond's 'livelihood' is to travel around the world testifying about hearsay, and what he wants to convince the world that he 'knows' about its current rampant problems with doping, then it would be easy to be duped into believing that Armstrong even thinks about Greg Lemond...

Steeeee-rike THREE!!!

Anne Killion! You're OUTTA the BALLPARK!

There are greener pastures ahead for you, Ms Killion, as surely as it appears that you enjoy writing what the editor requested: a slash-n-burn saga, a hash of insinnuendo, in the grand tradition of the French journal l'Equipe, in order to destroy a sport that is seeking to excel in all facets of the anti-doping quest.

Ms Killion's auto-reply to the WADAwatch email requesting her correction as to the Geoghegan/lawyer comment, indicated she couldn't reply but assured that she read "every email"... is it worth it to send this to her?

Who's to be the next WADAwatch TSJ award winning journalist?

The opinions expressed by WADAwatch are strictly formed with the purpose of inciting WADA to adhere to its Fundamental Rationale, achieve its goals and fulfil the aspirations of its Signatories, in achieving the highest possible level of objective, neutral science in sport-doping control.

Watching WADA, and the Press it feeds,


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