Monday, 21 April 2008

WADA Monday: the Landis - Landeluce prelude

In the research of new topics, involving the ever-pressing question of how a certain laboratoire can function in a system that claims rigorous oversight of its 33 accredited progeny, WADAwatch was slightly bemused, to find in the first 11 results from a Google search on the terms:

  • 'de Ceaurriz directeur LNDD 19'
... Put our sister blog crystelZENmud on the first page of Googleness, and which web-retrievable document followed right behind? A link (top of the second page) to the UCI link, where you can download the Vrijman report. (and for self-promotion, this is the link Google originally provided, which has a remarkable series of anti-Bush, Clockwork Orange-based cartoons: February 2007...)

Flattery, auto-induced or otherwise, is a great thing on our seventh gloomy wet rainy Monday, au but du lac Léman (at the tip of Lake Geneva)...

Stand by for more news from the world ...

... watching WADA,


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