Thursday, 10 April 2008

WADA post election "where are they now?"

Former candidate-until-he-forfeited, and former French Minister of Sport, Jean-François Lamour (almost wrote LeMond: heh heh), made a big REALITY splash this week, as he stridently opined about the violent protests occurring in Paris, at the occasion of the passing of the Olympic Torch procession.

But rather than interpret, let's read what the Daily Express announced:

"Bizarrely France’s former sports minister, Jean-Francois Lamour, last night claimed the flame had been “kept burning throughout”."

Looks 'extinguished' at this catastrophic moment in time, n'est-ce pas? It apparently was extinguished during some three different, difficult moments (one newspaper mentioned, that one 'protester' that reached the Torch, was a Paris City Council member... which is odd since the municipal elections already came and went!).

One has to wonder, a. why Daily Express was speaking to Monsieur Lamour, and not Bernard Laponte (actual FR Minister for Sport), b. where M. Lamour was located to prognosticate as he evidently did, and c. what value to proclaim something one wishes were true, and yet in spite of all evidence, evidently is NOT true?

Is this not the same man that assured the world, regarding the quality of the LNDD 'testing' (which actually was 'research' by definition) of the mythic, erroneous 'Lance Armstrong-EPO-1999' 'results' that were published by l'Equipe in 2005? As did Jean-Marie Leblanc, ex-director of the Tour de France, and our dearly retired Dick Pound?

Was Lamour not also the individual that claimed he 'had a right' to become president, and concurrently, that the nomination of the Honourable John Fahey would be the downfall of WADA?

Maybe WADA could 'investigate' whether an obsession regarding doping in sport (maybe LNDD would like to apply for a WADA research grant?) leads to some latent form of dementia...


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