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Post script on Landis: LNDD off the map?


In perusing the cycling news today, grace of VeloNews, an interesting story becomes one of those tantalizing Tidbits that makes 'WADAwatching' fun... who referenced the French leading newspaper Le Monde.

Here's the quote from VeloNews:

"The blood samples taken from the entire Tour de France peloton on July 3 and 4 have been analyzed by the anti-doping laboratory in Lausanne, which is accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the International Cycling Union (UCI)," said the statement issued on the AFLD website.

Here's the quote from l'Agence française du lutte contre le dopage (AFLD; quotation en Français, pdf document):

Ces analyses ont été effectuées par le laboratoire antidopage de Lausanne, accrédité par l’AMA et l’UCI, conformément au protocole prévu pour le passeport sanguin de l’UCI.

News prior to the Tour was that the AFLD was donating its testing services to the FFC. Readers can follow our series of Pre-Tour posts here:

From May 30, 2008 (discussed the recent history of the LNDD lab in France):
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From June 10, 2008 (offering links to a year's worth of LNDD-focused posts at both blogs crystelZENmud or WADAwatch):

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And from June 30, 2008 (where we intimated that the analyses for this renegade Tour de France would be as fallible as work evidence provided for the Landaluce and Landis cases):
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... but unless we shouldn't be inferring anything from this obviously clear press release, the former LNDD, or 'département des analyses' of AFLD, did not do these blood tests, and possibly may be

Excluded like Team ASTANA

... from this year's renegade Tour de France!

In Other News:

For what may qualify as a correction (Apologies if Ww, was not diligent enough to master the intricate linking sequences necessary to find the bloody thing, although any party mentioned has received emails from WADAwatch and could have enlightened us easily thereby) or may be simply a 'Eureka!' moment, WADAwatch is happy to share the findings of the most recent Accreditation document, recently found at the COFRAC site.

NB: follow this link to COFRAC (Which if it works should show a link mid-page stating 'annexe technique'... at which point you'll find the seven-page 2007 audit signed by named auditor (in the Landis CAS hearings) Robin Leguy.

A brief overview, even for a non-French speaker/reader, would note that there are NO commentaries, no compliments, no 'recommendations' (vital components of most evaluations). The sole operative word, in the middle of a vast right column, is (repeatedly) 'confirmation'; named procedures, no named technicians, very much a superficial 'thanks for dropping in!' kind of process, it seems...?

As part of our summer homework, a comparative analysis of this document with any other lab's traceable accreditation documents will allow us to know if French comprehensive analysis for accreditations falls within the reasonable norms established by WADA and the ILAC association of accreditation organs.

Or otherwise...?

In the summertime, and the Olympics are hot,


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to its Fundamental Rationale, achieve its goals and fulfil
the aspirations of its Signatories, in achieving the
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