Thursday, 2 October 2008

Clerc FIRED by ASO : Step one???

Welcome back my Friends, to the ...

What a month to be reborn in!!!

A world slithering down a financial black hole, where rumours cost business Billions, in less time than any sportsman's career can be destroyed by innuendo + insinuation... insinuendo?

Since last publishing WADAwatch columns, inexorable progress continues on all fronts of the problem, and one of the greatest revelations is that of Lance Armstrong's return to the sport we love... Will the French Ministry and Agency, AFLD, rise to the challenge and buy a new testing machine, capable of running more current software than that used by Professeur de Ceaurriz in years and cases past?

WADAwatch (Ww) does not know.

But we do know this: whatever motivated Mme Amaury, widow of the founder of the French publishing dynasty (Editions Amaury) that owns the Tour de France, through its filliale Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), has made a major concilliatory move towards the UCI, with today's HOT news of the firing of Patrice Clerc, former president of ASO.

Thus the following cartoons become history:


04 April 2008

KICKING ASO (and taking names later)



05 March 2008

Cycling earns a RED CARD...

Shame on you, Amaury Sport Organisation. ...

If only we could know how Pat McQuaid and Madame Amaury came into such good karma...

Or, maybe we do know?

Any quid - pro - quo having affair with Hein Verbruggen's retirement from UCI (Founder of the ProTour concept, and staying on after his own UCI presidency as a vice-president)?

With Patrice Clerc and Hein Verbruggen RED CARDED for life, maybe the sport and the organizers can concentrate more concerted efforts to guarantee, as Signatories, that WADA is about to (or has silently) institute a competent laboratory proficiency program that provides assurances already 'on paper', if never actively supported by WADA, ensuring that Athletes, guilty or otherwise, are assured 99.999 per cent competence by the laboratories and staffs that serve them through testing and lab analysis consistency.

It shouldn't be that hard to do the right job!

Awaiting more information, and perhaps Chapter Three? If Verbruggen was Chapter One... What concessions or improvements will WADA impliment, as part of the 'eternal triangle' that controls doping in sport?


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Watching Signatories of WADA...


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