Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Biological passports: the hour of Verity?

A sometime insomniac, this author caught a story on the Swiss TV network in the 'late night, early morning hours', which brought into light the Swiss anti-doping laboratory, its directeur Martial Saugy, and had interesting news from the UCI headquarters: several riders, whose abnormal profiles are suspiciously 'hors-normes', could be facing 'BAD NEWS' in the near future.

If you are versed in French, enjoy the film clip covering this story (if that link doesn't work, try this one, from the Swiss anti-doping lab itself, and see the entry for June 8th, and the words 'see the video').

You'll see Alexander Moos, talking about the 'burden' imposed by the whereabouts system devised by WADA and within its ADAMS computer system (a definition of which is in the glossary of the WADA CODE, unlike 'Aggravated circumstances').

Martial Saugy explains some of the science, and also has a hope that this long-term biological passport removes some of the 'lawyering' from the aspects of doping detection and discipline.

WADAwatch is in favour of anything that reduces the influence of 'judicial interpretation' of the lacunae found in the WADA regulations, by a 'small group of insiders'; what seems unfathomable by most lay people, is that clear rules reduce ambiguity, and eliminate 'loopholes' or lacunae through which lawyers can extend or expand the necessary legal defense strategies.

(IF you cannot understand French, still this short video with sound OFF may be informatory, as they show the ADAMS computer system screens, with Moos' registered times for the 'Vultures' of whereabouts testing to find him)

More to come this week, on the Landis hacking attack (attack? by Landis, or Baker, or Bordry on those two?)


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