Saturday, 17 November 2007

WADA President in current press conference, Nov 17th 2007

How the rest was won...

... we're listening to how the consensus procedure, which certainly had a
now-discredited and obviously petulant candidate, Jean-Pierre Lamour of France, abdicating his prerogative, and thus leaving his 'coalition of the thrilling' in Europe, joining in the petulance.

Mr Pound articulated, "The European countries had three years to bring a candidate... they knew the election was today."

Mr Fahey was just asked if he'd heard the rumour that he'd withdrawn his candidature yesterday, and WADAwatch is under the impression that he who just (behind Ww one seat) asked the question, may be the one who promulgated the rumour.

PRESS results: maybe WADAwatch is a bit down on the list?

WADA picks Australian Fahey as its new chairman

Pound accused the European contingent of behaving "quite improperly."

"It has not done the organization any good," Pound said. "It has not done Europe any good. The rest of the world is puzzled."

White House drug policy chief Scott Burns, a member of WADA's executive committee, said the European move to install Drut made a mockery of the system.

"It's just like sport and the buzzer went off and one team lost by a point," Burns said. "Could you say, 'Let's just add 10 seconds to the clock or how about one more quarter?' That's not what we're about."

That's a RAP...

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