Thursday, 29 May 2008

A comment to Landis Star Decision...

This brief post is to point, once again, to a valuable comment and link to a serious article that we'll be reading over the weekend...

Just the first paragraph makes this a must-read for anyone annoyed or discomfited by the lack of progress in the system WADA 'owns'.

Supplement Testing: Who is Watching Out for the Athletes?

Most professional athletes wake up every day faced with a dilemma. They ask themselves “Will today be the day that I inadvertently consume a supplement that’s been tainted with a prohibited substance? Or should I go through my day working at a less-than-optimal level so I don’t risk a false positive drug test?” The mental games go on with “I’m being told that it’s my responsibility to watch what I eat and anything that is found in my urine or blood is my fault, but nobody is giving me the tools to help me determine if what I’m eating is safe. Will today be the day?” Thankfully, for the vast majority of athletes, this nightmare never becomes reality. But really: Who is watching out for athletes?

Thanks to correspondent Whareagle for this pointer, and his comment bears coming on the front page here:

"I don't know if you saw this, but this was just published on slowtwitch. You may want to read it and contact the PhD.

Thanks to readership in the know, Ww can continue to help Athletes, who sometimes are left wondering how WADA views them...


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Watching WADA...


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