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SEQUEL on supplements...

We at WADAwatch would like to thank a reader for a comment, of such value, that we are going to make a post out of it, to extend the reach of the audience of 'those who follow WADAwatch'...

From yesterday's post, Watch your Supplements Daily... (or just scroll down: there it be!), an informed reader (in the system) wrote:

As a coach, I've been forced to self-educate myself on the topic of supplements for years now. Do some digging on the DSHEA act, an oxymoron for a bill if there ever was one, and the result of it... Billions for the supplement industry (a lot of it centered in Orrin Hatch's home state), and a paltry enforcement code and funding for it on the Federal side.

I've said for years that I could sell you sawdust in a capsule under some extraordinary claim, and before you ever got around to figuring out that it was useless, I'd have your money, and several thousand other folks' money, in an offshore account, and I'd be sipping drinks with an umbrella on a beach somewhere safe.

Supplements can and are an unregulated and tainted industry whose products are prone to 'contamination', either accidental or intentional, with no protection for the consumer. Educate yourself via this website -, and go to "Education". It's an interesting read. And ask ANY supplement company for government-backed proof of Purity, Potency, and Delivery. They make Tylenol do that, why not your wonder pills?

So some of us might do a bit of reading this weekend, and as Ww replied to our reader, we hope to put online in the next two weeks, an interview with a company representative that markets nutritional supplements... stay tuned.

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On another matter ...

Information provided by the UCI several days or more ago, indicated some rider in its biological passport program revealed parameters above established norms.

the spiteful reasons for which WADA decided to withdraw support, showing the stains of animosity that fester still, now long enough after the passing of Pound from Power at WADA)

Curiously, the UCI announced one rider, and then said that he (presumably "Mister, Herr or Monsieur X") was one of 23 riders that had suspicious factors to be followed and studied.

WADAwatch, now sadly habituated to the scandals offered through French journal l'Equipe, has waited with baited breath for an appearance of the national origin of this suspected violator of the WADA CODE, or the UCI program.

Nothing yet...

Two possible conclusions reveal themselves by the absence of 'scandal'; the rider himself is being protected as he should be, by proper (finally? Has it sunk in at last?) results management procedures.

OR... could WADAwatch stoop to the level long known at l'Equipe, and insinuate spectacularly that, MAYBE, perhaps, there's a possibility... of this rider being ... gasp... French???

As was discussed over some legal Rioja last evening: "How could l'Equipe not publish, given its long history of knowing the sales-power of 'les Scandales du dopage' (in terms of boosting its revenue through publication of illicitly received and prematurely published information regarding A Sample doping control results), such news... unless it may be a French rider?"

This is a test: this is only a test - of the New, Improved Results management system... had this been a real scandal, you would have been informed.... etc.


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to its Fundamental Rationale, achieve its goals and fulfil
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Watching WADA pursue Nutrient Suppliers...


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Jon said...

It is a well known fact that 'Senator for Life' Borin' Orrin Hatch for years has been owned by the pharma industry. Jet setting around the country on the pharma company Lear, his pockets filled with corporate money. Hatch has attempted on many occasions to extend drug patents and diss generics. Hatch also opposes drug purchases by Amercians of drugs from cheaper markets in Canada. Hatch is also a carpetbagger. The locals all say; 'He may be from Pittsburgh, Pa. but he ain't from around here.

ZENmud productions said...

We heard a real-true life Orrin Hatch story, but it's too gloch to write on the web, my friend...

Zm aka Ww

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