Monday, 19 May 2008

Pistorius to 'run' in Olympics... barring the ???

With all the attention that WADAwatch is forced to provide, due to an overeager 'prosecutorial' penchant from the World Anti-Doping Agency (aka WADA), in following CAS, in its various rulings, the news from Lausanne, across the lake, is of a different 'colour' today: the colour of black graphite.

Oscar Pistorius, he of the nickname
'Bladerunner', due to having excelled at running very very fast, in spite of being a double-below-the-knee amputee, has been accorded a chance to run in the Beijing Olympics. Details will follow, but there are already signs that Pistorious will face some unanticipated competition if he succeeds in marking the right qualifying times.

Now, remember, this is a man who weighs about 10 per cent less, for his height, than those who he'll be competing against; he'll never fall over a shoe-lace or loose shoe, he has 40 per cent fewer 'joints' than they (after all, what is 'a foot' but jointed toes, ankles, and flexible feet-bones in between?), and even benefits from a lower coefficient of aerodynamics.

But hey! Good luck... Read Reuters' assessment here: Double amputee Pistorius wins appeal over ban ...

AND: did CAS take this decision, to 'allow a show to go on'? Do the TV coverage numbers in Beijing, for this spectacle, supersede justice?

Or did it do the 'right legal thing'? Analysis of the decision to come...

AND a preview of his anticipated competition:

Watching the world, finite and closed, of WADA, CAS and the oh-so-pure Commercial Media POWERS THAT BE...


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