Saturday, 19 December 2009

WADAwatch corrections for December

Friends and readers,

In haste to publish, and in receipt of well - intentioned if inaccurate information, WADAwatch published two posts this week that have undergone revisions.

In yesterday's post, my laptop suffered from ghostly highlighting-shifting-text syndrome, and it wasn't noticed until a late-night 'proud of myself' review session.

Friday, 18 December 2009

WADAwatch: the transition begins...

In Wednesday's post, biographic data for Mr Blackledge was forwarded and thus updated, and we thank Robert for providing that so that our readers know of his serious and competent expertise that applies to the ever-pressing question of topics relating to "WADA Laboratory" issues.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

WADA concept: good Sciencemanship

From the banks of lac Léman, a cold and snow-blown Saturday, this update is provided for our serious, professionally-oriented following who have WADAwatch posts delivered via email: The appreciation for the quality of this blog's audience demands, sometimes, that they be informed of such corrections.

In addition: WADAwatch is on the move! Our 'new World Headquarters' is previewed, for mid-January, to either Vail Colorado, Breckenridge or an 'undisclosed location'! This move, on the one hand unanticipated, and on the other hand deeply motivated, will not lessen our grasp of the essential qualifying issue:

WADA must live up to the demands of the Quigley Rule: there is no other option under which it can perform to the satisfaction of its Signatories, supporting Governments, and the Athletes whose careers depend on its maintenance of high standards of medical, analytical, legal and publicity-oriented ethics: after all... if WADA cannot do what it promised to, it is replaceable.

What are WADA's 'New Year's Resolutions'???

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