Friday, 25 December 2009

WADAwatch online gift shop!

Ladies and gentlemen of 'the jury' (smile)...
Do you know what would make your day complete?
How you could bring a smile to your local
Laboratory Director's day?

Send them a WADAwatch T-shirt, or other item,
from our ever-growing line
of products
(click image above, or any link below)...

Come visit the new WADAwatch Swag Shop on CafePress

Follow this link, and imagine the joy that would
come from sharing
your grandmother's hot
chocolate recipe in a large WADAwatch mug...

Come visit the WADAwatch Swag Shop

Or - even better - why don't we all buy a WADAwatch mug,
and ship it
to the World Anti-Doping Agency in Montreal?

They'd be awash in hundreds,
if not thousands,
of matching, beautiful ceramic mugs... (or two dozen?)

Tis the season to be Generous... support a
worthwhile cause, and help protect Athletes
Laboratory Directors, who are fully licensed to operate
without harmonized, standardized Regulations!

Visit (please?) the WADAwatch Swag Shop
(Just in time for the 2010 Christmas Shopping season)

From all the happy elves...

..........@......... WADAWATCH

one hundred percent pure

copyright 2009 Ww

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