Thursday, 21 January 2010

WADAwatch: blatant self-promotion...

Is there a lighter side to the anti-doping world? WADAwatch believes there is, and without further ado, we add to the range of "WADAwatch" items now available to you, the discerning anti-doping specialist.

WADAwatch, a "100 per cent PURE" blog, which writes for expert and Spectator alike, has 'your mind in mind' for the assortment of items available for purchase via our 'partner' Café Press.

From mugs to Sigg (TM) bottles, T-shirts or hooded sweatshirts, beer steins or tote bags, you can visit our series of 'stores' to visualize each of our designs. NB: due to the structuring of Cafe Press, we have had to concede to that, by putting together pages featuring one design per color...
lack and White, in honour of President the Honourable John Fahey's prioritizing remark). Note also that not all designs are available on an identical range of products.

WADAwatch is also not in a position to guarantee: a) general availability; b) size availability; or, c) delivery times. Cafe Press is a well-established web-site for on-demand purchasing, and we researched their system before agreeing to have them do our on-demand supply processing.


The LOGO of WADAwatch... is now available in a range of black or white long sleeve T-shirts (Shown in Black: $36.99), as well as in a Ceramic travel mug, large coffee mug or SIGG (TM) bottle.

You'll look good near any finish line!

Our first three 'designs' are of course, The WADAwatch LOGO, our '100 per cent PURE' design, and one of our upcoming humourous captions w/ Logo "Doping should be restricted to experienced, professional and medically-certified SPECTATORS!"

Now is the 'lighten up!' moment; if you've not experienced camping among our beloved Belgian, Dutch, German, English or French (mais bien sûr les français!) friends-of-cycling on the hillsides of the Tour de France (you have no idea how many hundreds of glasses of wine I've refused, on Col des Mosses, or de la Faucille, in Avoriaz one FATE-filled day, etc, by generous c
ycling fanatics, because I knew I had a screamin' downhill "human Slalom" to win, followed by a homeward leg of some 30-100km of pre-sunset dehydrated riding to perform...), they (many) are 'three sheets into the wind' as one HS teacher used to lament... some even before the Crack of Noon Club awakes...

So keep Sport clean by supporting WADAwatch! Enjoy our 'inventory' below, which will be exp
anded in coming weeks.

Remember: our list of products, distributed through Café Press, are organized through their 'one design' option, so you may have several links to enter, to get into each range of available, high quality items.

For WADAwatch LOGO items, visit the WADAwatch SWAGshop ; and then you can use the
following links for our other four lines:

For the selection of "100 per cent PURE" items (see graphic above; Black);

For the "100 per cent PURE" (White) selection;

To become a WADAwatch Official Spectator (Black);

Or as for the Official Spectator range of
White products.

As this re-orientation of a global viewpoint adjusts to this new centralized
location in Colorado, we enjoy your continued support! Send your favourite Athlete, Anti-doping Agency or Laboratory a small momento that announces you are thinking about them...

What are friends for? :-)

..........@......... WADAWATCH

one hundred percent pure

copyright 2010 Ww


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the 303, 720, 719 or 970, whichever it is ;)

ZENmud productions said...

Hi 'Anon', thanks :-)

In the 303 since arrival, will be in various zones of the 970 starting Monday; the Radical Road Trip through Breckenridge/Silverthorne/Grand Junction/Vail begins mañana! Arriba!

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