Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Death in the Family: Dr Jacques de Ceaurriz, LNDD

As opposed as WADAwatch has been continuously, to the observed operations of the French lab under its Director, Jacques de Ceaurriz, we are saddened by the news of his death yesterday, and wish that his family remembers him for the qualities they found in him.

There is no joy in relating this news. He could have (he was aged 60, "too young, too young") done much with the quest for WADA standardization, in the few years of a career that remained (In France, retirement comes earlier than in the USA... A matter of some contention in the French politcal debate...).

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WADAwatch is on the move! When next we report, it should be from the Colorado Rockies... in the state which hosts the United States Anti-Doping Agency, and the state in which USADA's favourite attorney, Richard Young, hangs his hat. Not intending to lose our 'Flair for French', we will continue to provide you with the in-depth side of a 'HEADLINE!!!'-Dominated 'industry'.

Enjoy your mid-January weather(s)...

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whareagle said...

WADAWatch, don't forget to call me when you come through DFW apt. OK?

Oh, and I'm sure someone will pin this guy's death on Lance, Floyd, Tyler, or someone else whose life he screwed.

Can you confirm the rumor that his liver was pickled, for scientific purposes?

ZENmud productions said...

Yo EagleGuy (smile)... I'll not be that far south... I'm on the GVA-Newark direct (Conti) and then (five hour layover... sigh) on United to Denver (aka 'the Dirty D'...)
(Were they really voted 'City the Most Stressful' by some poll?... sigh again...)

I'd rather know what mix of alcohol, tobacco or fatty foods were his 'mainstay'...

SExcuse my infrequent emailing/monitoring... I've packed and sent at 'retail' prices, about 15, 20kg boxes to Denver... and Thursday is 3 suitcases, 2 bike boxes and one skibag... they're going to get year-end bonuses from my 'extra-luggage' charges...

(so much to do, so little time...)

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