Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Day TWO at WADAwatch

Am creating the links we'll need, and getting GoogleBOTS to fill my inbox(es) with yet more information regarding WADA, its Revision Convention 2007 (Madrid: olé!!!) and more...

Thanks for your support, and I hope that, with my perseverance and hard work, the world will soon have a better means of judging the efforts of WADA to control its Vassals, its Fiefdom, and perhaps even win a case or two, based on
solid evidence

As for some blatant self-promotion, this Blog is a spin-off from
crystelZENmud, and I provide you with some links to past writings, below.


Floyd Landis Decision posts @ crystelZENmud:

WADA DECISION: the Landis case
WADA LOSER: the Presumption

@ crystelZENmud:

Part I : A Questionaire for WADA Signatories PART II: WADA gonna do about Madrid in November? PART III: WADA questionnaire – analytical wrap-up...

Watch WADA...



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