Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Weds: From BICYCLING Magazine....

Here's another hot-off the Web article, from Bicycling magazine, called Lessons from the Landis Verdict:

"We need a new way forward. WADA was a good first step when it was created, but the flaws are apparent now – it’s a system that can’t catch all the cheaters, can’t conclusively prove that those it’s caught are in fact cheating, and is increasingly seen as adversarial to athletes. Athletes, on the other hand, are adeptly learning how to twist their rights into a martyr’s platform, an ever-shifting landscape of excuses and reasons why they’re persecuted and why it’s never their fault." (read more)

The point taken is: reform WADA, tighter, stronger, more objectively.

More to come another day...

Watch WADA...



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