Wednesday, 26 September 2007

On WADA in Madrid...

Here's a link to another Blogspot'er, Cycling Fans Anonymous... and a funny excerpt, his (I'm being sexist-ly presumptuous) take on WADA going to Madrid:

"It is also quite hilarious that WADA's next big conference on anti-doping will be held in Madrid, of all places. Wonder what genius picked that location. Madrid, the home to Fuentes, Saiz, Bruyneel, and lots of unclaimed blood-bags, gets to host the anti-dopers. Sort of like having an anti-communist meeting in Cuba, or a Red Sox pep rally in the Yankees' stadium. But with Dick Pound in charge, what else would you expect? Somehow all these conferences and summits and task-forces never seem to change anything anyway, so who cares. Maybe they should get creative and invite Fuentes to give their keynote speech. He might actually be able to teach them something they don't already know."

Chapeau! To CyFANanon ;-)

Watch WADA...



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