Thursday, 27 September 2007

Thursday NEWS review: Fahey, Pound and... Alinghi?

The Race is on...

Another article regarding John Fahey's candidature against Jean-François Lamour for the seat of President of WADA, from Swimweek.


In what this week became a two-horse race for the drug Tsar's chair, the favourite to take over from the Canadian remains his deputy, WADA vice-president Jean-Francois Lamour, the former French sports minister.

But there is a struggle ahead: in the boxing kangaroo corner is John Fahey, former New South Wales Premier and Australian finance minister who is currently working as a senior adviser to JP Morgan, the investment bank.


Dick Pound makes 'another bold statement' as lame-duck President of WADA...

As told by the Australian site

Countries will be thrown out of Olympics says WADA boss


WORLD sport's most powerful anti-drugs campaigner Dick Pound has warned countries and sports which do not comply with the anti-doping code could be banned from the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

This article continues with a mention about John Fahey, as well(!)...

As told by Yahoo News...

Dick Pound teed off over golf's doping ban


MONTREAL (AFP) - World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) chief Dick Pound praised golf for aiming to rid the sport of doping, but balked Thursday at the World Golf Foundation's use of its own performance-enhancing substances list.

"Two or three months ago, the PGA was denying that there was ever a problem in golf," Pound said in a conference call. So, "there is quite a lot of progress that's been made."

Whatever Floats your Boat!

GASP!!! Alinghi crewmate positive for 'cannabis'... says the Gazzetta dello Sport, as reported by AFP


"...even if the substance would not have improved his performance."

(Doesn't that depend on what he was 'performing' at the time?)

A Special Welcome to ... Dick Pound...

Hey Dick! Head of WADA, did you know that you've spawned more than one website (satiric) in your honour? ;-)

A Must-See here at ''... which boasts:

"If you're not
with Dick, you're against Dick!"
(Scroll down for a list of Dick Pound 'witticisms')

And always remember, friends, that you can WATCH WADA, and

Watch! WADA,

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