Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Welcome to WADAwatch

Hello my friends, hello all...

There comes, in any organization's life, the day when the world decides to examine a bit more closely its trappings, and organizational ethics, the transparency on which that Organization is destined to build its reputation.

This new blog, WADAwatch, will focus on the:
World Anti-doping Agency (WADA)

or, in French:
l'Agence mondiale anti-dopage (AMA)

As information comes available, from their website:

Or from news sources around the globe.

This brand new blog: WADAwatch.blogspot.com

...will strive to present to you, as often as possible, the news and information for those who are interested in the mission of WADA, to increase their public presence or knowledge.

This blog is another ZENmud production, and the division of ZENmud into two blogs allows the original ZENfocus to come back to a world that can talk about and react to current addressable issues, with, as always, the sustainable future in mind.

From now on, ZENmud.blogspot.com will focus on politics and world resource issues, macroeconomically speaking.

And, WADAwatch now exists!

And it strives to focus, like a laser beam, on the world of Sports, and the anti-doping components that are currently absorbing the recent decision in the Floyd Landis - Tour de France case.

Remember, WADA does a major session in Madrid, this November.

Starting tomorrow, WADAwatch will create the links you need to survive in a world of sports, in which present-day Athletes are not assured of objectivity, throughout the controlling entities that make up the world of Anti-doping control.

Watch WADA...



nevrflw said...

Good luck !

Rubber Side Down said...

Brilliant as usual.... a place we can discuss the doping scene and the controversy around WADA and ASO and their so-called ethical doping testing protocols and procedures that add up to no good for all world class athletes.

Keep the Rubber Side Down

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