Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Autologous Blood transfusion test merely months away

An organization in Denmark, named Play the Game, has an article,

"New weapon in the fight against blood doping"

...that talks of a new testing methodology, which may allow the detection of auto-transfusions of stored same-person blood stocks. The new test is being developed by researchers in both Australia and Denmark.

There's only one drawback: Athletes will have to inhale a 'small amount' of carbon monoxide, the odourless poison gas that asphyxiates suicide victims in their car. And 'small' is not defined in that article.

Any other 'catch' or hiccup? Well, according to the article: "With this method, athletes inhale a small amount of carbon monoxide before and after a competition."

But rest assured, virtuous Athletes of the World (and the rest of you autologous blood transfusion 'dopers'); the scientists claim that this poisonous carbon monoxide will be eliminated in 6-12 hours. Which means somewhere prior to, during, or after your world-class performance.

Read this article for more, and note that WADA is to receive the experimental test data in about another months (three months from mid-August).

WADAwatch would like to explore the ethical ramifications of authorizing chemists to force Athletes to ingest poisonous gasses, in the search for cleaner sport?



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