Tuesday, 2 October 2007

WADA CODE - Registration closes in two weeks!

WADA has updated its online CODE review status:
Click here to see the consultation and review sessions.

It appears that their Director (and Deputy Director) of Standards and Harmonization has been very busy in September 2007. Attendance and presentations at three different meetings: the WADA List Committee (4-5 September: Montreal), the WADA Health, Medical & Research Committee (6-7 September: Location undisclosed), by Director Rune Andersen, and the Eastern Europe RADO Board Meeting in Kiev (5-6 September: Ukraine) had a presentation by Rob Koehler, Deputy Director, Standards and Harmonization.

WADAwatch is hopeful that summaries of these meetings will be placed online in the not-to-distant future.

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Remember! WADA CODE Conference registration closes on OCTOBER 12. Until then, you can apply for attendance credentials here.

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Another REMINDER: the third Draft revision WADA CODE will not be put online until 15 October 2007; that's two weeks from today. You should be able to download it from this page.

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Time is drawing short, in the quest for further harmonization and equilibrium in the fight against doping in Sport.

Laboratories that were sent the crystelZENmud (a sister blog-publication) WADA Laboratory Questionnaire, have not yet responded.

WADAwatch and crystelZENmud await their responses, hoping that they will reveal the transparency and clarity that proper scientific methodologies might have been foreseen in 2003, and can still become a reality with the WADA CODE Conference in Madrid next month (Nov. 2007).

Until then, remember:

Watch! WADA,


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