Friday, 12 October 2007

LANDIS and the chemistry...

WADAwatch needs some help, admittedly so...

This author was perusing the Floyd Landis AAA Arbitrators' Majority Decision, and he thought he noticed something, for which the only choice was to work out the situation graphically.

So the following JPG, shows the case of the 're-processing of data' as delineated in the above Decision, at and below paragraph 139. That re-processing allowed the defense to analyze how the French lab LNDD ran its data, in trying to reduplicate the results that created the AAF against Landis.

Before you get there, my point is simply, I would expect the BLANK A and B samples to parallel the 'delta-deltas' in the Floyd A and B samples.

To assist in analysing these, any A sample number that was "more negative" than a B sample value, was coded green. Conversely, any value that was "less negative" in the A sample than in the B sample, was coded red.

HINT 1: click on the photo, to see it in a larger, separate screen format...
HINT 2: compare "Floyd A" to "Blanks A" and "Floyd B" to "Blanks B"

What appears asymmetric, are how the values for Floyd show a certain regularity, with consistent, 'across-the-board' valuations, while the 'Blanks' that were tested may indicate this value or that one, becoming more (or less!) negative, in NO CONSISTENT pattern...

It troubles the author, for example, that all the '5alphadiol - pdiol' values in Floyd's A samples re-processing (Except under the MassLYNX processing) were
more negative than in B while, in the Blanks the '5alphadiol - pdiol' values were both more or less negative... Thus: inconsistent.

This may be no important information, but it makes the author wonder why the blanks wouldn't match the nearly-perfect visual symmetry displayed above?

Any clues, come back and help

Watch! WADA

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Rubber Side Down said...

statistical probability would suggest that the delta would have just as much chance of being more different and less different. To have all the Landis samples have the same delta is statistically improbable or impossible without dry labbing the results.


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