Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Earlier today WADAwatch published the following post:

WADA News FLASH: Lamour candidature apparently dead in the water

Through various news sources, Lamour is credited with 'hinting' at "the possibility of participating in the creation of a "European plan" against doping."

WADAwatch hopes that this is not a display of 'sour grapes', and also hopes that any 'European plan' would be even more transparent, and even more rigorous, than that which is the WADA system as we know it today, and as some fear its transformation in the tomorrows to come.

As a reminder, Jean-François Lamour is the outgoing Vice-President of WADA, a Minister within the Chirac government, and hierarchic supervisor to the thoroughly disastrous LNDD French laboratory, now renamed the AFLD 'département des analyses', with whatever loss of prestige that name-change may implicate.

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