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WADA News FLASH: Lamour candidature apparently dead in the water

Just an update for those of you already with this recent information:

Jean-François Lamour has abruptly chosen to withdraw his candidature to replace outgoing WADA President Dick Pound.

Read (Lang: EN) sources here:

The Globe and Mail:
Ausralian to become world's top anti-doping cop

The French hardline politician expected to succeed Canadian Dick Pound as the world's top anti-doping cop, has opted to stand down and leave the job open for Australia's former finance minister John Fahey.

International Herald Tribune:

L'Equipe says former French sports minister pulling out of race to replace Pound as WADA chief

Former French sports minister Jean-Francois Lamour is dropping out of the running to replace Dick Pound as head of the World Anti-Doping Agency, the sports daily L'Equipe said on its Web site Monday.

Lamour, a WADA vice president once considered the strong favorite to succeed Pound, will not contest the leadership election on Nov. 17 in Madrid, Spain, L'Equipe said.

Lamour decided to withdraw after former Australian finance minister John Fahey entered the race with the support of the United States, New Zealand and Australia.

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De L'Equipe:

AMA - Jean-François Lamour va renoncer

Jean-François Lamour, ex-ministre des sports, devrait annoncer demain après-midi lors d'une conférence de presse qu'il va se retirer de la course à la présidence de l'Agence mondiale antidopage (AMA).

Actuellement vice-président de l'institution chargée d'harmoniser au niveau international les règles en matière d'antidopage, le double champion olympique français devait théoriquement être élu président de l'AMA à l'issue de la dernière journée de la prochaine Conférence mondiale sur le dopage organisée à Madrid, le 17 novembre prochain. Mais une candidature de dernière minute de l'Australien John Fahey, ancien ministre des finances de son pays, a contrarié ses plans.

These updated news items make it clear that something is affecting WADA, and it is interesting to further discern what that may be, when reading between the lines of several of Monsieur Lamour's comments.

In one article at l'Equipe, he is interviewed about the candidature of John Fahey. In this interview, he implies that WADA, on the threshold of a newly revised WADA CODE, may not stay as strong in the fight against doping, as it may have been assured with himself at the helm.

Given that his role as
WADA Vice President this last year, was the international harmonization of WADA's rules (something which admittedly is a long assignment; perhaps no one could accomplish that in one year's time), and that his entry in the matter stems from his role as French Minister of Sport and Youth...

[and thus hierarchically over the very controversial ex-LNDD, now renamed and functioning as the AFLD 'département of analyses'; also itself infamous due to the irregularity of its professional work experiences, leaks to l'Equipe and chastisements by various International Federations and Arbitration panels]

... whether a WADA, deprived of this man's candidature, is heading for the waterfalls of reality, or has been saved by the abrupt redirection that is offered by a perhaps-more neutral candidature, is to be seen, as WADA moves to Madrid.

More to come as soon as it's available, and remember!

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