Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The LAST STRAW in France... the Iban Mayo case

One could hardly have predicted this, and WADAwatch must take the evening to absorb and finesse a new exposé on the former LNDD laboratory, which now stands in the light of pure conceit or incompetence.

There is no doubt now, that it is at least one of those two.

Given the news today, from Reuters:

"We are waiting for the Spanish federation's report but anyway, the 'B' sample will be tested again in Paris," McQuaid told Reuters.

"The Paris lab was closed when the sample was to be tested and it was tested in Ghent," McQuaid added.

This post will be elaborated on between now and Friday, but there is clear proof that the AFLD 'département des analyses' has no respect for the job it is charged with. A lab that prefers to go on vacation, instead of studiously performing its tasks in an expeditious manner, should not be allowed to retain WADA accreditation.

After it tried to sabotage Lance Armstrong...

After it tried to sabotage Floyd Landis...

Now Iban Mayo...

Much much much more to come...

Watch! WADA

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