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Wednesday Roundup: WADA - The Alinghi case -

WADA and FRANCE are hosting a World Summit on Doping, but no one's invited...

There is plenty of evidence that, on October 22 and 23, the A-list of anti-doping heavies will be in Paris,
somewhere near the Commité National Olympique et Sportif Français, to encounter personnel representing the UCI, the three Grand Tours, and a host of other Federations.

But nary a link would provide any agenda, presentations or information.

Not at the Commité's website (FR);
Minimal at WADA's website (EN);
Not at the Minister for Youth and Sport (FR) website (FR)

...if you click on that last link, you'll notice a grand, wide-open month or two, with no mention of this summit, nor of the WADA World Conference on Doping in Madrid...?

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Interesting reading from the case involving Simon Daubney, whose recent Decision regarding his apparently-unknown ingestion of cocaine during the running of the America's Cup, in Valencia, was pronounced and published after the fact (as it SHOULD be: confidentiality is part of the WADA CODE).

Kudos to writer Richard Gladwell from New Zealand, whose article for Sail specifies:

"The hearing was the first in America's Cup history and resulted from the detection of components of cocaine in two samples from Simon Daubney from the first day of racing in the 32nd America's Cup.

(Or, more correctly two types of a small molecule produced in the human body after cocaine is metabolised were found in the sample.)"

Would it not be refreshing to read such scientifically-accurate pronouncements in the cycling Press?

Another aspect worth your time, is the full decision that trails the article.

Apparently, the 'punishment pronounced' is not part of the decision, and the aspects of a polygraph that reveals an overwhelming likelihood of Daubney's veracity, are key to this case.

Read more here...

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Remember the case of two Greek athletes avoiding a test during the 2004 Athens Olympics? Here's another Blogger: Great Britain's Athlete Prospects, with an update on that affair...

"That repeatedly delayed trial was once again postponed to the 19th of June 2008 yesterday as the lawyer for the former coach of the pair, Christos Tzekos (who was banned from coaching for 4 years by the Greek authorities for his involvement in the affair) was unavailable due to ill health.If found guilty the athletes, coaches, doctors and alleged witnesses of the accident could all face up to 2 years jail time."

Watch! WADA

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