Wednesday, 10 October 2007

News Analysis: the Horseracing Forensic Lab news of Tuesday

Yesterday, WADAwatch published a
News Roundup that contained a story from the Cambridge Evening News website. The story discussed the re-alignment in work and the withdrawal of the HFL (Horseracing Forensic Laboratory) from the list of the 34 accredited WADA labs.

In the text provided, this comment was central to this analysis: "...but the company has said it will now concentrate on screening food supplements for athletes to ensure they do not contain any banned substances."

WADAwatch commends this action on behalf of the HFL; this is the type of bold manoeuvre that is necessary to balance the world of sport and doping. If any other facilities are doing such a service, WADAwatch would like to post them with links to their lists of suspected food supplements, or nutritional supplements, or the growing body of 'Nutraceuticals' that are coming into the markets around the world.

The Athletes of the world, who do strive hard, who offer fans the pleasures of pure sport, who have been found strictly liable through the current version of the WADA Code, need more help, more information, before Sport loses its vitality, and its image for the youth of today, and tomorrow.



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