Thursday, 15 November 2007

Madrid FOUR: the Financing of WADA

Photo showing Jacques Roggé, from the earlier session, posted Thursday morning, which displays a 3m by 4m largescreen TV live feed for us victims of official WADA apartheid... but WADAwatch is not complaining, except for the dismal connection that barely feeds into the Salle for we Observers...

In trying to deal with the film of WADA President Pound, a computer-software crash ensued... the film software at WADAwatch Central is a heavy SOB, and it doesn't like to work fast.

Back on the Day 1 morning session...

In which a WADA Financial staff director Sir Craig Reedie and another, are discussing typical budget items for an organization funded for $25 million a year, as well as a huge problem facing WADA, caused by the worldwide collapse of the US dollar in the face of other currencies that WADA works with, principally the Canadian dollar, the Euro and the Swiss Franc.

An item of interest, is the $1.5 million 'Legal Contingency Fund'...

Also that WADA had received 73 applications for research grants (many of which are in Euros, and thus the cost in dollars is an increased budgetary expense), of which some 33 were funded.

SCOTT BURNS, as Representative to WADA, for the US, compliments Sir Craig Reedie about the open WADA bookkeeping...

Other delegations are offering the usual self-promoting compliments, and then several Federations have made an intervention as to the costs of doping-testing, and how they could perform the tests that they wish to achieve if they don't have the money?

Sir Craig Reedie discussed this dilemma and the coffee break came just in time for a naranja-juice; luckily Ww caught Dick Pound, glad-handing the crowd that adores being seen with him, while munching a croissant.

The second session on Day One, is going to discuss Education and
doping... David Harmon to be on this panel, Secretary General of the WADA staff.

Going to publish this, while connection appears strong.

FLASH: one of the podium speakers reminded us of the line once made famous by Hillary Clinton: 'It takes a village to grow a child'...

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