Thursday, 15 November 2007

Madrid ONE: the Apartheid, and Swag-Bag

Hola! From Madrid

Time posted 10h20 CET:
An easy connection, through easyJet to Madrid, from the airport to the Conference Centre: the Palacio Municipal de Congressos is one Metro stop away from Terminals One, Two and Three.

A short detour for accreditation (I hope it was easier than becoming a ... WADA laboratory?), a lengthy session with very friendly, competent and sincere Spanish security police, and then...

The Apartheid treatment began.

When we registered, they showed 'Observers' as occupying what looked like the back row, and yet, when WADAwatch tried to enter, we were told to take the elevator down into the holes below, another subterranean location where members of the press, or other bloggers, or whoever, are arranged pell-mell.

The first session began, while the web-server and wifi network are either under-capacity or over-utilised: no signal is allowing this post to be 'real-timed' to you.

We do want to thank the government of Spain for a lovely USB memory-key, and the Swag Bag itself looks like a new computer-carry bag that comeZENhandy to travel back and forth without a whole suitcase full of weekend affairs.

The usual welcomes are pedantic, various officials from the Spanish Olympic Committee, and Madrid's mayor, are slowly warming up the audience for the opening act.

(Forgive any formatting errors, I'll get to them later: stand by for a youTube of a portion of Dick Pound's opening comments) Watching WADA LIVE!


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