Monday, 19 November 2007

Madrid LAST: RAP-up

The WADA Third World Conference on Doping in Sport ended in the flurry for which readers enjoyed nearly-realtime posting of photos and commentary here at WADAwatch.

In the current week, ZENmud productions is wearing another hat, that of independent film producer, currently engaged in a project to create a documentary, primarily destined for an Indian audience, but with global ramifications...

Thus the WADA-WCDS post-partem impressions are on the nightly burner, and hopes are to publish same before this film project ends.

So WADAwatch, by necessity, will take a back seat to this 14hr/day demand on professional time, after reminding a growing, and faithful audience, that on Tuesday, Andy Kashechkin's case will begin in a Belgian court, using the defense that the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), via its alignment with the World Anti-doping Agency, is operating in violation of Kashechkin's human rights, principally from the late hour in which his Out-of-Competition testing was performed.

Read more about that, from the website

And with the hat-switching at ZENmud productions, a small reminder that Sport and Doping are not the world's most important problems that our generation(s) must share and solve,



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