Friday, 9 November 2007

One Week to - WADAworld - Conference

One Week to Third World Conference on Doping in Sport

WADA has placed the following statement on their site, and WADAwatch recommends that Attendees have the time to read it (linked above).

Date: November 8, 2007

Final preparations are underway for the Third World Conference on Doping in Sport, organized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) with the support of the High Council for Sport of Spain on November 15-17 in Madrid. In one week from now, nearly 1,500 participants representing the Sport Movement, public authorities, the anti-doping community, athletes, observers, and the media, will gather at the Spanish capital's Municipal Convention Center to discuss the state of the fight against doping in sport and consider further measures to be taken in this field.

The chief topic of discussion will be the revision of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code)—the core document adopted in 2003 by the Sport Movement and Governments of the world as the framework for the global harmonized fight against doping in sport. The draft revised Code being presented to WADA's Foundation Board for approval on November 17, 2007, is the product of a broad review process, which began in April 2006, and included three stages of consultations with stakeholders and drafting. The process of revising the Code is intended to fine-tune its provisions based on the experience gained to date and to strengthen global efforts against doping in sport. The final draft revision of the Code (which was published on October 15), as well as information on the Code review and consultation process, and a Q&A highlighting the major changes envisaged in the revised Code, can be found by clicking here.

Today, WADAwatched sent its "Questionnaire for WADA Labs" to some 15 - 20 International Federations, hoping that they would acknowledge an interest in seeing balanced 'fair play' come to WADA.

As they are currently drafted, the International Standards for Laboratories, and Testing, as well as the redrafted WADA CODE, offer
  • More onerous conditions for Athletes, whether merited or presumed;
  • New 'and improved' sanctions against International Federations that are not in conformity with WADA; and,
  • No alterations of the leniencies granted to the Laboratories through the simple word 'presumed', in Article 3.2.1, to have operated per these ISL and IST standards.

Next week, WADAwatch will be more focussed on trip documentation preparation, so there may be only two or so opportunities for further posting.

WADAwatch is hoping to bring to its growing audience, detailed rapid, accurate and comprehensive analysis from the Conference sessions in Madrid, starting next Thursday.

Until then, please!

Watch WADA!!


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