Thursday, 15 November 2007

Madrid TWO: more opening statements

Monsieur, le Docteur Jacques Roggé, President of the International Olympic Committee took the stage, welcoming the live audience as he reads his prepared remarks. He is stressing (en Français) that an important aspect of the fight against doping is the separation of powers, and that the Federations will take necessary steps against Athletes who have cheated. “It isn't only about testing and sanctioning athletes, it is ... also about health problems...”

“The international Olympic Committee has as a priority... the fight (against doping) is the no. 1 priority,

He reviewed some Olympic history, starting with the creation of the 1967 Medical Committee, accredited laboratories, introduced the CAS, funded WADA budget for first two years.

He then mentioned how the great French team, Festina, created the first modern scandal, in the great French event the Tour de France, in 1998

Moving forward, he discussed the 1999 Lausanne Conference, which begat >>> WADA...

More to come,

Watching WADA LIVE!


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