Monday, 26 November 2007

WADA world turns...

A multi-tasking agency, ZENmud productions has been off on a film-creation adventure that began (production-wise) about an hour after landing back in Geneva, Switzerland, from the WADA World Conference on Doping in Sport, which ended on 18 November, 2007.

WADAwatch is certainly invigorated, energized, through the contacts made, and especially the lively discussions that our lunch-table encounters shared.

In this past WADAwatch post:
adrid ELEVEN: stratospheric déjeuner (FR: lunch)

... WADAwatch discussed how Saturday's lunchtable brought together the best possible group for my independent blog-author to join, and since that day a week ago, one can only wonder what conversation the participants might have shared, if WADAwatch hadn't taken a seat at a table offering the nexus of cycling and the future of WADA's control of sport doping.

In a deep discussion with Rune Andersen, WADA Director of the Standards and Harmonization Committee, he emphasized that the crystelZENmud/WADAwatch Questionnaire for WADA laboratories, developed and sent to the then-34 WADA-accredited labs in the early fall, expressed unfamiliarity of the WADA International Standard for laboratories.

In a nutshell, it was the contention by this author that the WADA CODE 2003/2007 (as approved in Madrid), fell woefully short on control against wayward laboratories who, through inadvertance, error, negligence or malice, may have failed their duty to perform their testing function in adherence to the WADA and other international standards that most or all high-quality labs find elementary to their functioning within the law. Andersen countered this opinion.

But WADAwatch is going to develop and publish a further statement as to the imbalances between the WADA CODE 2007 and the ISL, because with the utmost in respect, Mr. Andersen's statements seem without substantial support, to this legally-trained author with treaty-editing experience. This would sound incredible, or brash, perhaps, if coming from someone else.

Fourteen-hour filming assignments, daily for a week, didn't allow for a post-operative debriefing from WADA's World Conference in Madrid.

We'll soon be back on this, for the benefit of WADA, and its Signatories.

Watching!WADA from a usual perch (filets de?)


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