Saturday, 17 November 2007

Madrid TWELVE: a WADA concern for the CODE...

There are few times when being an outsider are as pleasurable, as when having 'restrictions' in one's status (the now-boring exile to the basement Observer status) are reversed, by the fact that the pre-lunch, post-closing ceremony Press Conference was brought to our Auditorium B...

How could lowly WADAwatch be removed from the only room we had full rights to be in?

Joined by Michael Hiltzik and Charles Pelkey...

(Bon voyage! "Happy trails, tou you-ou, until we meet again...")

... in the front row where WADAwatch had homesteaded 'legal rights' to the one electrical plug, provided for the usually hardly-used camera setup, we soon were joined by Mr. Outgoing (in the second attributable sense of the word) President Dick Pound.

Stand by, as WADAwatch moves back in to the Auditorium B, for a momentus announcement, and maybe a worldwide scoop.

Live at WADA, the Last Act of Mr Pound?

WATCHING WADA! Breathlessly,


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