Thursday, 15 November 2007

WADA FIVE: the morning interventions

While the Government Delegates and the Federation Representatives are getting their moments in front of the podium, to address the issues of the Education Committee, a brief aside on the status of WADAworld as 'Observer'.

Without a Press-pass (note to Self: acquire a Press-pass), about 50 'Observers' are relegated to a lower-level auditorium, without direct access to the audience. There is a very feeble internet-wifi network, bleeding through the walls from the Press level.

However, the Press representatives themselves, are also relegated to a intermediate-level foyer, where they have massive tables to work from, combined with a very fast wifi network (I've noted that there are networks labelled Press-1, 2, 3, 4... but no 'Observers' network... did WADA really think those of us were here just to stare at the screen?

As I type this, the Spanish Delegation is intervening, stressing Prevention through Education, and discussing how 'weekend warriors' are finding these substances that they've heard about, in their gyms, cycling or futbal clubs: wherever weekend athletes congregate.

Next post on the Athletes... whoooaaah...

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FLASH: the late intervention from the Islamic Republic of Iran, having their Delegate discussing how Athletes were discussing their worries about some of the nutritional supplements they ingest...

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