Tuesday, 13 November 2007

T minus TWO: countdown to Madrid and News Roundup

WADAwatch is on the move!

To Madrid, where hopefully a wifi-connection and a bit of sangria would liberate the conscious-stream of information offered to those who are interested in what WADA will work out, from its three-day session starting Thursday.

So this post will be brief.

NEWS Roundup

India needs a laboratory, what with its passion for cricket, and the coming Commonwealth Games in 2010:

India Needs Certified Lab For Dope Testing Immediately: WADA

India needs to put in place a proper drug-testing programme soon, especially with the Commonwealth Games coming up in 2010, says a top official of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

'I would think the government and sports bodies in India would be seriously considering a fully-certified laboratory for dope testing,' David Howman, the director general of WADA, told IANS here.

+ + + + + +

Mr Pound is going out the big door, with a typically brash, retrospective commentary on his record in WADA:

Dick Pound: Making enemies was part of job

Although there are some who will not miss his grand-standing, outspoken style, his willingness to lob verbal grenades in the direction of certain athletes at the slightest invitation by the media, he has no regrets about the enemies he has made along the way.

"It's a matter of confronting cheating when you see it," he says. "There is organised cheating going on and it's not going to go away if we all hold hands and say 'ummmm'. These are people who know the rules and in 99.9 per cent of cases they don't give a shit about them. They're destroying sport and taking rewards away from fellow athletes.”

+ + + + + +

That's a short-n-sweet roundup of the latest news: WADAwatch is relocating to Madrid on Thursday morning, hasta la vista todos hermanos y hermanas!

Soon, live from Madrid...

Watch WADA!!


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