Thursday, 15 November 2007

WADA in Madrid: News Item

There's a great, objective, hitting-all-subjects article from the BBC Sport site. Steroids busts in the US and Mexico, Marion Jones in tears, it's a must-read...

Read it for such insightful comments as these:

Wada to herald new drugs approach

While there appears to be consensus on the importance of this new front in the anti-doping fight, the Wada succession is more problematic.

At present, it is more like a coronation than an election. But there has been some speculation that a last-minute rival to Fahey might emerge from Europe.

Fahey was a late candidate himself but his arrival on the scene prompted the previous front-runner, Jean-Francois Lamour, to pull out in high dudgeon.

The former French sports minister and Olympic fencer also quit as Wada's vice-president but not before accusing the organisation of "not having the strength to fight against doping".

But many observers believed the real reason for his exit was a misguided belief that he was going to get a clear run at Pound's job.

An angry Lamour also said Europe should give up on Wada and create its own anti-doping agency.

BBC Sport has spoken to a number of key figures in the anti-doping world and all dismissed Lamour's criticisms - some pointing out that he had plenty of chances to voice them during his time at Wada but did not.

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